Sunday, January 28, 2007

For the Curious Among You...

A few people have asked me to post my Chick Chart so they can see what my table of Chick Tract characters looks like. I haven't yet because I haven't really had anywhere to upload my document for easy viewing... until now!

Well, actually it wasn't all that easy. Google's document manager is a pain in the butt. Formatting tables is a pain in the butt. Saving and publishing and naming your document is a pain in the butt. But I got it uploaded and you might even be able to read it! (Like I said, the formatting is a pain in the butt.)

The list only covers characters in the Bible Series, so characters in other tracts we've done, like the various holiday tracts, won't be covered. Fang and Badcat aren't in there either, since they appear in so many tracts. I plan to keep updating as we continue through the series, so you may want to keep checking back if you're interested.

Anyway, should you want to check it out, here is my Chick Chart.


wurwolf said...

Good heavens. A few people have asked you? Who, besides me? And did I even really ask you?

The doubt about people clamoring to see your chart notwithstanding, Lita, this was pretty funny. I especially enjoyed the descriptions, my favorite being "Linda: Roger's beautiful wife and the mother of his three great kids. She hopes Roger gets AIDS." Good times!

Lita said...

No Springs asked me. So that makes... uh. I guess that makes two. That definitely counts as few people.

no springs said...

In fact, it's pretty darn near a majority rule!

That's some chart. I'm glad to see you are taking your duties as Chick chronicler so seriously! It was so nice to reaquaint myself with these characters, who's adventures gave me such pleasure as a young reader.

So will you ever add the non-Bob characters? The Thanksgiving tract would probably need it's own chart. "Kiss Me!"

Lita said...

I didn't have any big plans to do anybody from the non-Bible Series tracts. The main reason I made this list was to help me keep all the characters straight from this "reality" or continuity or whatever you want to call it. Since people in the other tracts don't really have much to do with the Bible Series characters I don't worry about them so much.

I may or may not keep a chart for the Li'l Susy series whenever we get there, but I haven't decided yet. Depends on how confusing it gets to keep the characters in that series straight.

PM said...
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